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What treatment does my pet need?

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We are an injury prevention and treatment center for pets and we believe that every

pet is different and therefore, may require different techniques.

If you are not sure what service your dog needs, contact us and we will

help figure out which technique will work best for them.


Laser therapy

Massage therapy

and kinesitherapy


with underwater




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Individual sessions
Service available at the clinic and at home.
Consultations via mobile or in-person.
Combination of hands-on techniques and machines.
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​Unique recovery plan for each patient, with exercises to perform at home.


1. Maximum possible recovery in less time. 

​2. To improve the animal's quality of life and to lengthen periods of good health.

​3. Prevention of injuries.

​4. Pain relief and reduction of the use of medication. 

5. Provide information to pet owners on what exercises should be implemented and which ones to avoid,  depending on the condition and breed of the animal. 

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  • Post-surgical recoveries: herniated disc, hip dysplasia, cruciate ligament rupture, bone fractures, patella dislocation, arthrodesis.

  • Neurological diseases: conservative treatment herniated disc,cauda equina,impingement, Wobbler syndrome, meningomyelitis.

  • Muscle-tendon injuries: muscle contractures, fibrillar rupture, tendinopathies.

  • Joint disorders: osteoarthritis, conservative treatment of hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, fracturecruciate ligaments in dogs weighing less than 5kg, joint instability.

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