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My name is Juan Cavaller Fortuny and I was born in Palma de Mallorca in 1989. Determined from an early age to dedicate my life to animal well-being, I graduated in veterinary medicine from the University of Cordoba.
I started my career as a veterinarian in Holland. After some time I decided to return to Mallorca where I worked as a general veterinarian for five years.


During that time I realised that many animals need a complementary and/or alternative treatment to traditional veterinary medicine, both to treat mobility problems and to prevent injuries. In short, I looked for a way to improve the animals' quality of life.

I finally decided to specialise in veterinary rehabilitation and chiropractic, having acquired training and experience in England and Spain.


I invite you to learn more about this beautiful world and I remain at your disposal in case you need more information.

I am a member of AEVEFI (Spanish Association of Veterinary Physiotherapists) and the VSC (Veterinary Society of Chiropractic).


(University of Cordoba).


(International Academy

of Veterinary Chiropractic).


(Spanish Association of

Veterinarians Rehabilitation

Specialists and Physiatry).


(Col legi de veterinaris 

of the Balearic Islands).

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